Monday, December 7, 2009

Post On Forums Pertaining To Your Target Market

This tactic is cheesy...yes....but important. Remember that people don’t come
online to buy, they come online to research. You have to go where people go to find
information...and one key place is online forums. Message Boards. People use these
things like crazy, and it doesn’t matter what you industry is, there’s a message board
or a hundred message boards that relate to it.
You should spend 30 minutes each and every day....maybe you make it the first
thing you do every morning, but each and every day you should spend 30 minutes
scanning message boards and posting answers to people’s questions.
At the bottom of each post, put your name and a link to your web site. This will
tremendously help with the number of incoming links to your site. If you post 5
messages every day, that’s 5 new links to your web site.
Search Engines like message boards, they scan them several times a day. So they
will definitely pick up your link.

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