Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Google Groups Traffic Type:

(note: see Yahoo! Groups)
At this time of writing, Yahoo finally receives some competition to Yahoo
It all began when Google announced their plans to index and archive all of
Usenet (the original newsgroup system of the Internet), and make it available
for web-based browsing.
Google didn't stop there, though. The past year brought even more changes
as Google set out to remake itself into a search portal, adding on the free
Gmail service and its own set of user-created newsgroups.
Google Groups (http://groups-beta.google.com) share some features in
common with Yahoo Groups, but the service also differs in a few key ways:
· Users can create invite-only, private groups which are not listed in the
Groups directory and will not be indexed into regular search results.
· Google Groups' interface is sparse compared to Yahoo. Currently there is
no way to.
· A group search pulls in both Google-user created groups as well as Usenet
newsgroups (eg, alt.ebay).
Rest assured, though, you can still build your own virtual newsletter via
Google Groups, and use the same list-building and niche research tactics as
outlined in the Yahoo Groups section of this report.
In fact, one of the benefits Google plays up on its main groups page is the
ability to center discussions around niche topics.
How is this different from Yahoo or any other service employing topic
directories for classification? It's not.
I suspect Google is just overstating the case here to encourage 'Joe Surfer' to
put some thought into where he lists his new Google Group.
The real benefits of Google Groups, in my opinion, are as follows· The service is new. You have a window of opportunity to jump in now and
create a very visible, high-traffic group before things get too cluttered.
· High traffic. The potential is there. You need to patient. You need to recruit
members to your group. Average web surfers haven't fully adopted Google
Groups as their number one choice yet.
· Potential indexing opportunities – both in regular Google listings as well as
the main Google Directory.
· Very useful media integration tools likely coming some point in the future. I
can't see any reason why Google wouldn't implement some type of crosslinking
between its groups and other tools like Picasa – or surprise us all
with a 'killer app'.
Final Verdict:
Google Groups is worth pursuing now as both a traffic tool and niche research
tool. Lots of potential. Not quite ready to clobber Yahoo Groups though. I'd
recommend using both, even if it means you create duplicate groups.
Definitely split-test between the two for performance data. As far as I know, no
one has done this yet (there's a nice little niche report idea there for you, by
the way).
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